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The Definition of professional creative services

Tick Tock Media Productions is a full-service video production house — from script to screen, we take an idea and transform it into quality video. We pride ourselves on regular communication and transparency in our production process so that our clients are fully aware of a project’s status from start to finish. Our past work has included tV & Web commercials, music videos, Short Films, and much more. Here are the important steps we take to produce your video.


From storyboarding to location scouting, each detail of our productions is carefully planned.


Quiet on set! And… action!


Joins the elements of your story together to create a quality finished product.


One of the most important things that separate us from the competition is planning. We pride ourselves on putting careful thought into every aspect of a video. We spend time with our clients to identify priorities, generate ideas and put together a clear, transparent proposal and timeline for every step of the way. That way, the only thing you’ll feel at the end of the road is pride in a job well done.

  Idea Generation

Our creative team will sit down with you to identify your key messages and the people you want to target to maximize your return. We’ll then generate ideas for you to evaluate and approve.

  Script Development

Script Development – Whether your video is driven by an unseen narrator (voiceover) or actors live on screen, they need something to say. We put together a script for you that moves the video forward and delivers your KeY messages.

  Location Scouting

Context and setting are very important in the quality of the overall production. We take the time to identify the scenes that go into your video to make it relatable and effective.

  Storyboard/Asset Creation

This is the final step in the pre-production process, where we combine the script and scenes into a storyboard that breaks down the video into digestible chunks. We ALSO Begin work on creating the Assets required to execute the project.


Now that we’ve picked out the locations and nailed down the story, it’s time to shoot the footage. We assemble the necessary talent and use our top of the line equipment to capture the meat and potatoes of your story. Some of the techniques we use in production are:

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the latest in professional Video Technology including the SOny FS700, Cinema Lenses, and rigs of any sort from land to sky.

Slow Motion Capabilities

WE love our slow-mo camera and use it to show the finer details in things.

Aerial Videography

Using our remote-controlled quadcopter, we give viewers a whole new perspective – without the need for a helicopter, pilot, and gasoline. 

4k-Ultra HD Ready

Viewers today expect quality, and our cameras deliver. With Ultra-HD 4k/5k capabilities, you can expect the highest resolutions possible. 


This is where the magic happens. We utilize our talents, techniques, and Tools to Craft quality video that tells your story.

   Assembly & Editing

After one or more days of shooting, it’s time to distill several hours of footage into the best shots, then tie it together into an initial edit. Here the story begins to take shape and the vision starts to come to life.

  3D Animation & Development

Our advanced video software and experienced production team can create fully-animated spaces and characters in three dimensions – a perfect way to entertain your viewer and help them visualize spaces and objects.

   Color Correction & Grading

Once we have the shots we need for the story, we enhance the look of the footage with color correction and grading — our advanced techniques make the video more visually attractive and engaging.

   Sound Design & Mixing

Sound is essential to evoking an emotional response from your audience. In this step, we track out each piece of music, sound effect or recording and design the feelings we want to instill in the viewer. Once our sounds are in place, we carefully mix and sweeten the audio to maintain effective equalization.

   Motion Graphics & Animation

Most videos today use graphics to identify brands, or to efficiently provide more information. The use of Motion graphics and animations can keep the viewer interested longer and convey a message quickly.

   Audio Finishing & Mastering

Attaining pristine sound requires patience and attention to detail. tHis is the final step, the application of our trademark “sheen”, that takes your audio from good to great.

Assembly & Editing

The first step in video editing

3D Animation & Development

Didn't we just say the possibilities are endless?

Color Correction & Grading

Using color to set the mood of your story

Sound Design & Mixing

Manipulate and activate sounds to create a feeling

Motion Graphics & Animation

The possibilities are endless

Audio Finishing & Mastering

Getting your sound commercial ready