Oregon Coast Beach Slow Motion

By October 5, 2016Tick Tock Blog

Last week the Tick Tock Team traveled to the Oregon Coast. We were celebrating, Tick Tock member, Rory’s bachelor party. When we weren’t partying, we were out and about filming some stock footage ammo for our Pond 5 collection. This is a segment we put together that highlights some of our favorite slow motion clips out on the Oregon Coast. This was shot early in the morning at around 1 hour past sunrise. We shot everything with the Sony FS5 using the f/2.8 17mm-50mm Sigma zoom. The Sigma is one of my favorite go to lenses for how easy it is to pull your own focus and for the speed of going from 17mm to 50mm without changing lenses. For shoots that are time sensitive and aren’t occupied by a full crew, we tend to want to go with a fast zoom lens.

One of the other segments that we filmed out on the coast was the gang playing street hoops. Also shot in slow motion as well as real-time. That video will be up to view next week. Stay tuned for more videos to come.

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