Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Video

By September 15, 2016Tick Tock Blog

Earlier this year, the Tick Tock Team ventured up with colleague Ryan Posey to film some stock shots and test footage of the Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh. The Centennial Marsh is wonderful place to film with a 360 degree view of esqusite nature. It’s a wonderful place to nature watch plantlife and bird watching. With the ideal time of when we wanted to start shooting, we agreed that sunset would bring forth the most iconic visuals of the landscapes. We filmed two cameras of this project – the Sony FS700 w/ Odyssey 7Q+ at 4k Apple ProRes 422 along with the Sony FS7 at 4k internal 422. In the near future we will have all our past footage updated to our Pond5 account for sale. If you or someone you know are in need of some Idaho based stock footage, then give us a call at 208-863-7327 or send us an email at

Stay tuned for more Idaho themed landscape vignette art videos

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